Our Principles

We reject the idea of “Games As A Service”.

We recognize it as being among the worst trends in current gaming. WHEN YOU BUY OUR GAME, YOU OWN IT.

We refuse to work with any publisher who demands DLC, in-game purchases, or any form of post-purchase monetization.

When you bought our game, you bought the WHOLE  game!

We refuse to work with any publisher or distributor who demans pulti-player, or any form of social media integration.

We understand you game, because you want to get AWAY
from the world!
We promise to NEVER  let ANYONE  get in the way of YOUR  story!

If you purchased our game via a streaming service, you will be eligible for a free, downloadable copy of the game, should that service ever go out of business

Your game should remain YOUR GAME,  even if the guy you bought it from went out of business!

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