The World

Peace Island will feature a large game world

including four distinct communities, woodlands, scenic coastlines, secluded farmlands, crumbling WW2 ruins, and much, much more.

Every last structure on the island will be accessible

from the Mayor’s home to the town library, all the way down the reclusive writer’s garden shed.  Each interior is individually hand-crafted to ensure it will reflect the character of the people who once worked and lived there.

 There is a local public radio station, as well as a newspaper that served the Island’s erstwhile 36 year-round residents.

 Care is being taken to accurately depict the architecture and atmosphere that is unique to island life in Maine- right down to the schoolhouse (Inspired by the Cliff Island schoolhouse- one of the few remaining one-room schools in the United States.)

 Created using the Unity game engine, Peace Island will feature realistic weather, day/night cycles, and dynamic, interactive fauna, including deer, mice, flocks of birds, and even insects.

 Emphasis is being placed on aesthetics – Peace Island will be a place you will want to visit time and again!

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