The News

HARDCOREGAMER.COM:  “All the people are gone, which might be a serious problem for dogs but merely a point of interest for the average cat.”

WSCH-TV:“Maine-developed video game is based on Peaks Island”

WJBQ: “‘Myst’ meets ‘Secret Life of Pets'”

BANGOR DAILY NEWS: “…A paradigm buster, one that eschews the common rock-em-sock-em combat play in favor of “discovery … and exploration.”

AUTOMATON.AM: “Ask(s) an animal’s view about how a pet and a person should be”

WCYY: “Maine has been a popular setting in books, movies and television shows, it hasn’t exactly been a hotspot for video games. But a Redditor took to sharing some screenshots of a game they are creating, and it looks absolutely sick.

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